Top German Official Infected by Highly Sophisticated Malware with NSA-ties buy credit card dumps, cc store online

   According to a new report published over the weekend, German authorities have opened an investigation to identify whether the head of the German Federal Chancellery unit had his laptop infected with Regin, a highly sophisticated suite of malware tools that has been directly linked to the NSA and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters. Regin, the piece of […]

Adobe Hacked – Hackers Exploit the Vulnerability in Magento Marketplace fullz store, buy cvv online

Adobe discloses the security breach on its Magento Marketplace portal, in results, attackers gained access to the registered customer’s sensitive account information. Adobe owned Magento is an open-source e-commerce and CMS platform written in PHP, and it was acquired for $1.68 billion in 2018. It is one of the most popular open e-commerce systems in the network. Attackers taking advantage […]

Twin Brothers Who Hacked State Department for Passport Data Face Serious Prison Time ferum shop cvv, sites to buy cc

   Twin brothers acclaimed to be educational geniuses graduating from George Mason University at a young 19-years-old have pleaded guilt to hacking into the State Department’s computer systems to steal passport data. Just four years later the twins facing hacking charges, Muneeb and Sohaib Akhter, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to access a protected […]

Хакеры удалили видеоролики с канала Microsoft на YouTube cvvshop2019, ccfullzshop

Неизвестные злоумышленники сумели взломать учетную запись канала корпорации Microsoft на видеосервисе YouTube и удалить все хранящиеся там видеоролики. Об этом сообщает онлайн-издание GeekWire . Инцидент произошел в воскресенье, 23 октября, около 18 часов по московскому времени. После того как ролики были удалены, на главной странице канала появилось сообщение, оставленное взломщиками: “Я не делал ничего плохого. Я просто вошел в свой […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday October Comes With 87 Security Fixes unicc free cc, pluscc cvv

Microsoft’s scheduled monthly updates for October 2020 are out. With Patch Tuesday October, Microsoft released fixes for 87 bugs in all, including multiple critical vulnerabilities, and some publicly known flaws. With October Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has addressed 6 important severity bugs that were publicly disclosed before a fix could be delivered for them. These include three information disclosure vulnerabilities, CVE-2020-16937 […]

Take a Look at L0rdix, The Super Malware Toolkit of 2018 best fullz shop, cc sites for carding

Hacking tools have been available for public download and consumption for many decades. Many of which are open source in nature, does not cost users a dime and can be learned by just trying the program. These so-called hacking tools are categorized, some used for network penetration, memory snapshots and others for extracting password hashes. However, there are times that […]

Внедрение локального shellcode в среде Windows unicc credit card, fullz shop list

В этой статье описана новая методика создания 100% надежных локальных эксплойтов для операционных систем семейства Windows. Методика основана на недостатках архитектуры операционных систем Windows, позволяющих низко привилегированному процессу внедрять данные в почти любой другой процесс, даже если он запущен с более высокими правами. В этой статье описана новая методика создания 100% надежных локальных эксплойтов для операционных систем семейства Windows. Методика […]

An Instagram hack hit millions of accounts, and victims’ phone numbers are now for sale credit card dumps 2021, fresh cvv shop

Institute For Ethical Hacking Course  and  Ethical Hacking Training in Pune – India Extreme Hacking  |  Sadik Shaikh  |  Cyber Suraksha Abhiyan Credits: TheVerge credit card dumps 2021 fresh cvv shop

Определены особенности вируса-шифровальщика WannaCry buying cvv online, best cc shops

У вируса-шифровальщика WannaCry (Wanna Decryptor), который хакеры использовали 12 мая для атаки на компьютеры по всему миру, есть две особенности. Их определила компания Group-IB, занимающаяся предотвращением и расследованием киберпреступлений, передает ТАСС . Первая особенность, по словам специалистов, заключается в том, что WannaCry “использует эксплоит ETERNALBLUE, который был выложен в открытый доступ хакерами Shadow Brokers”. Эта уязвимость была закрыта для операционной […]

Google Offers Financial Support to Open Source Projects for Cybersecurity non vbv cc shop, cvvblack

Besides rewarding ethical hackers from its pocket for responsibly reporting vulnerabilities in third-party open-source projects, Google today announced financial support for open source developers to help them arrange additional resources, prioritizing the security of their products. The initiative, called “Patch Rewards Program,” was launched nearly 6 years ago, under which Google rewards hackers for reporting severe flaws in many widely […]