Google to Auto-turn on 2-Factor Authentication For 150 Million Users cc shop script, cvv shop script

Google has announced recently that they are currently intending to auto-enroll 150 million users in the company`s “two-step verification” system by default and they are planning to do it by the end of this year. 
The main motive of planning this is to stop all unauthorized access to accounts and at the same time to increase security protection. While Google is also aiming to ask 2 million YouTube authors to switch on the setting that is known as 2-step verification ( 2SV ).
Google has a strong password manager, which has been built straight into Chrome, Android, and the Google App, not only this but it also uses the most advanced security technology that always keeps the users’ passwords safe and secure.
However, with the help of Google manager users can create a strong and reliable password. And the Google app enables the users to access all of the passwords that were being saved in Google Password Manager right from the Google app menu.
Having 2-step verification doesn’t mean that it will perfectly protect you, what it means, it generally decreases the attack rate of cybercriminals. As 2SV has always been the heart of Google’s different security practices.
Therefore Google has decided to make it seamless for all the users with a Google prompt, that generally needs a simple click on your smartphone device to signify that it’s really you attempting to sign in.
Google has started the invention of security keys, as it is another form of authentication which needed the users to click the key during questionable sign-in attempts.
Moreover, with Google Identity Services, the experts of Google have combined its advanced security along with easy sign-in to present a comfortable experience that tries to keep users safe. 
All these new services were mainly done for future authentication and guard the system from vulnerabilities like click-jacking, pixel tracking, and many other webs and app-based threats.
Currently, Google is mainly focusing on auto-enrolling Google accounts as it has the conventional backup mechanisms in position to make it quite a seamless transition to 2SV. 
But, all the iOS device owners can simply use Chrome to autofill saved passwords in their different apps, and not only this but Google has declared that very soon they will be able to use Chrome`s password generation tool for any type of iOS app.
Google always thinks of better options for their users, that’s why doing all this will help them to stay safe and secure from unwanted threat attacks that harm the users as well as Google in many ways.
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