Improving the Quality of the (ISC)² Blog legit dumps, dumps for sale cvv

Dear  (ISC)² Members,
Here are my suggestions to improve the quality of the (ISC)² blog:
When we first started writing for this blog the overall quality was higher because our blog posts were mostly original, thoughtful articles by our members.  Since that time the (ISC)² blog has become dominated by reposts of unoriginal content from non-member sources, cut-and-paste content from other sites, and short referral links to other non-member content.
In order to increase the quality of the  (ISC)² blog, I believe the guidelines for authors should be updated.  Our blog should be a voice for  (ISC)² members who are interested to write original, thoughtful content.   Our blog should not become a “dumping ground” for cut-and-paste content from other sources readily available on the net.   
I elaborated on this topic in an earlier blog post this week, Suggestions to Improve the (ISC)² Blog .
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