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A lot of people are asking me about Lawful Interception Systems, so I had the idea to present some basic concepts about this technology here.
Lawful interception is the legally sanctioned official access to private communications, such as telephone calls, e-mail messages, instant messages or VOIP communications. In general, LI is a security process in which a network operator or service provider gives law enforcement officials access to the communications of private individuals or organizations.
Although the details may vary from country to country or vendor to vendor there are a general set of logical and physical requirements wich explain much of the common terminology used. The architecture requires a distinct separation of the IP network and the networks used for distribution and processing of LI information. The interfaces between the production network and the Law Enforcement System must be protected.
Basically a LI system must have a set of components (it may vary)
Types of Captured data
With LI systems is possible flows from applications like:
To avoid fraud or abuse some regulations are in place to protect the right of individuals and organizations.
Several government agencies around the globe are deploying LI systems. Carriers are doing this also to be compliance with local regulations. There are several studies about privacy, criptography but these are beyond the scope of this post.
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