MuddyWater Hackers Utilize Legitimate File-Sharing Service to Distribute Malware shop ccs carding, non vbv shops

In recent surveillance, a campaign has been witnessed by security researchers, the campaign is targeting companies in the Middle East and nearby regions. According to the news report, the security analysts at Trend Micro have lately identified a campaign that is continuously targeting different organizations.
The cybersecurity expert of the Trend Micro research team has Dubbed “Earth Vetala” the recently detected campaign. However, the latest finding extends on earlier research that was reprinted by Anomali last month.
During the research , the experts found proof of malicious activity that has aimed at UAE and Kuwait government agencies by utilizing the ScreenConnect remote management tool.
According to the experts, the campaign uses the following authorized remote admin tools:
After investigating the whole campaign the cybersecurity analyst has discovered many details, and that’s why here we have listed the key points below:-
The analysts have detected a spearphishing email supposedly from a government agency throughout the research. However, these email tries to induce the beneficiaries to click the URL and download all the malicious file.
Along with the spearphishing email, the fake documents’ content continuously strives to convince the victim to click on another ill-disposed URL and download a malicious .ZIP file.
During the research, they have also detected several ZIP files that are used to administer the RemoteUtilities remote administration software in the method, along with all of those administering the same RemoteUtilities sample.
Earth Vetala conducted a very extensive aggressive campaign that is targeting multiple countries, and the researchers have identified that it is operating in the following countries:-
Sectors that are being targeted by Earth Vwtala are:-
After investigating the whole campaign, the security experts came to know that, the MuddyWater group can create a lot of harm in the future.
MuddyWater group has been long recognized for utilizing spearphishing to attack its victims. That’s why the analysts have suggested to stay observant and use anti-spam, and anti-phishing explications to stay protected from all these types of threats.
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