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If you have an e-commerce business, you should
purchase a UPS business account for delivery. Below we indicate 10 reasons why
you should not ignore this service.
Well-known logistics companies (UPS, FedEx , and USPS ) daily deliver hundreds of millions of letters and parcels throughout the United States.
If you are the owner of an online store, then I
am sure that you are making a tangible contribution to this figure. And I’m
even willing to bet that delivery is one of your main expense items.
In my memory, there are a number of companies
that went bankrupt just because they could not organize reliable, high-quality
and affordable delivery technology. In order not to become another such victim,
I highly recommend registering a UPS business account.
If you have doubts about choosing only one
contractor for the provision of delivery services, then below I will give
several key advantages of working with a UPS business account that will dispel
all your doubts.
Today our client is more spoiled than ever. And
this is normal because progress does not standstill. The world of the Internet
is moving at tremendous speed. Gigabytes of data are downloaded in just a few
minutes by only one user. That is why he expects to know up to the minute when
his order arrives and will require an immediate response from the postal
service in the event of even a slight delay
USPS is known for its slowness in customer support. Wait for a response from UPS – a fairly simple and quick business, which can be even easier if you register a UPS business account. Indeed, thanks to him, you will be served by telephone out of turn and will deal with any problem. Moreover, it’s easy to install a Magento extension of UPS with the help of Mageworx.
At the moment, I am sending the package inside
the country, you get a 20% discount if you have a UPS business account. This
offer extends to the continental United States, Mexico, and Canada.
The result of using this discount will be your
favorable transport tariff (in comparison with USPS or FedEx)
If your store delivers goods around the world,
then the delivery service is probably your daily headache.
What about saving up to 40% on this service?
Why not, because the owners of a UPS business
account receive just such a discount after opening an account.
Typically, e-commerce stores pack their goods on their own. If you have any difficulties with this, then you can use the services of UPS.
Yes, this service is paid, but with a business
account, you will pay 15% less for one package.
In addition to delivering parcels, UPS provides
printing services, including the manufacture of corporate envelopes, business
cards, etc.
With a business account, you will save up to 25%
on this type of service.
You probably have your own post office box.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of
service or the location of your branch, then you can use the services of
private mailboxes from UPS absolutely free of charge for 3 months when you
register a business account.
UPS is currently offering free business paper
shredding services to owners of their business accounts if you only have 5 to
10 pounds of paper left.
Given that there are frequent cases of theft of data
by drivers of garbage containers, you should definitely get a free document
destruction service from UPS.
Business account holders periodically receive
personalized exclusive discounts and offers. These promotions are available
only to business account holders and together will help save thousands of
dollars to your business.
Your most expensive resource is time. Comparing
shipping costs with different contractors, you do not save at all, but even
vice versa. In a highly competitive environment, the price range will not vary
much. Therefore, if you spend every day a couple of hours of your time on this,
then leave this business.
When you declare a transport provider as your
business partner and do not constantly make a profitable deal with a new
counterparty, you will not only save a lot of time every day, we are sure that
in the end, you will save a lot of money for your business due to discounts on
loyalty and others special benefits.
One of UPS’s biggest customers is Amazon . Since Amazon is partnering with this shipper, what makes you worse?
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